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  1. Training & Behaviour
    Hello, just a little advice needed please. we are trying to trust our boy Charlie to be in the house by himself. after an early wake up call when I leave I feed him etc. He goes back in his cage until the dog walk comes in 10am. We have noticed he sleeps u til 10am anyways - on weekend etc...
  2. Puppies
    Hi, Do folks have recommendations for appropriate chew toys? Holly loves her small deer antler, but I’ve been cautioned that it is too hard and may break her teeth. Nylabones have also been discouraged. I sometimes give her a Kong filled with her soaked kibble mixed with pumpkin and frozen but...
  3. Training & Behaviour
    Hi, my 13 week old Vizsla has now discovered he can climb onto the sofa and likes it there! If we try and physically remove him by lifting him off of gently pushing him off he growls and barks, I know he thinks it's a good game but my 9 year old son is becoming alarmed by his behaviour and only...
1-3 of 3 Results