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  1. Advice Please—7 month male with biting and humping issues

    Behaviour Problems
    Hi All, I have a 7 month male V (my first V) and am at my wits end. I was able to handle the shark attacks and tried just about everything to stop them (yelping, treats, replacing with toys, turning my back, leaving the room, etc.) and nothing seemed to fix the issue, unfortunately. These shark...
  2. 8 weeks and biting

    We have a male Vizsla puppy who is 8 and a half weeks old. We’ve only had him 5 days and he’s very nippy and I’m not handling the mouthing very well because we have a toddler at home. My partner is very good at dominating him so he’s in control. I try and follow his lead on the telling off...
  3. 5 month old puppy - advice please

    General Vizslas
    So we've had our V from 7 weeks old - coming up to 19 weeks now, I would say he settled in to his new surroundings quite quickly. Brief background - settles in his crate through the night no crying, toilet trained, basic training sit, stay etc, love to retrieve a ball, happy to go in car etc...
  4. 3 Month Old Vizsla Aggressiveness

    Training & Behaviour
    My girlfriend and I just recently adopted my current Vizslas brother. They are both 3 months old as of yesterday. His previous owner had small kids and was getting rid of him because he was worried about his aggressiveness and him hurting his kids. The first few days I didn’t notice any...