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  1. Behaviour Problems
    Would appreciate some advice please! My 6 month old puppy is your typical velcro dog and is my little shadow. I've been working from home since March and so all he has known is me being home with him 24/7 - strict lockdown has meant I can't go anywhere other than supermarket shopping! However...
  2. Behaviour Problems
    HELP! My new 8 week old puppy peed 8 times today inside after going outside, also she was unusually hyper and kept peeing after I cleaned the area. I have taken her out constantly and she does her business. What is happening??
  3. Training & Behaviour
    My girlfriend and I just recently adopted my current Vizslas brother. They are both 3 months old as of yesterday. His previous owner had small kids and was getting rid of him because he was worried about his aggressiveness and him hurting his kids. The first few days I didn’t notice any...
  4. Training & Behaviour
    Hey gang! I haven't been on here in about a year and a half but I know this place is a haven for Vizsla specific knowledge. :) We have two issues for which we have our trainer coming this week but I thought I'd get your opinion. Apologies in advance for the novel. Problem 1: Banjo is a 2 year...
1-4 of 4 Results