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  1. Training & Behaviour
    I have an intact 8 month old V that barks at EVERYTHING! He has always been fairly vocal since I have had him, but chalked it up to him discovering himself and new things in combo with him being a very sensory dog. However as he has gotten older he never seemed to learn that barking at...
  2. General Vizslas
    Hi all, I am wondering how life with your V looks like. Mostly with a hung adult Vizsla. How much do they sleep? How much do they play? How much exercise do you give them? We are new to owning one and everything was hectic at the beginning. I knew she needed exercise and I was ready to run miles...
  3. Training & Behaviour
    I have a 4-month-old V that I share with my boyfriend. He is precious and has the cutest personality. Great with potty training, loves his crate, and pretty good around people. However, my boyfriend thinks we should give him away because we can't give him the attention he craves right now...
1-3 of 3 Results