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  1. Success stories with separation anxiety

    Training & Behaviour
    There are a lot of posts about separation anxiety, but usually they revolve around the same simple tips (exercise your dog before leaving, etc.) which most of the owners have already tried and therefore it doesn't help to solve the problem. In this post I want to ask people to share what helped...
  2. 5 month old puppy - advice please

    General Vizslas
    So we've had our V from 7 weeks old - coming up to 19 weeks now, I would say he settled in to his new surroundings quite quickly. Brief background - settles in his crate through the night no crying, toilet trained, basic training sit, stay etc, love to retrieve a ball, happy to go in car etc...
  3. Excessive Barking - and regressive behavior

    Behaviour Problems
    Hi everyone! I have a 7 month old Vizsla (Maple), female. My fiance and I got her around 4 months, and truly she is (until about a weekish ago) the perfect dog. Attentive, eager to learn, never ran off, great off leash, never barked... I mean seriously, I thought we hit the jackpot. UNTIL...