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03-05-2012 07:33 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Originally Posted by Superunknown
Hi is it normal for pups to show aggression? we know it's normal for them to nip but as of late, Ted has been growling and aiming at our throats when he bites.
Just my two cents and I could be wrong.
I think he is being a normal vizsla puppy. Puppies growl, nip and tug when they play.
They remind me of red sharks with four legs till they learn its not okay to play that way with us. I think you should join a puppy training class and find him some dog friends to play with. Vizsla puppies can be tough for the inexperienced person to deal with.
03-05-2012 06:07 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Originally Posted by Superunknown
Hi is it normal for pups to show aggression? we know it's normal for them to nip but as of late, Ted has been growling and aiming at our throats when he bites.
Does Ted have time to play with other puppies? He may need some puppy play-time to get his crazy energy out so he's not nipping at you. This will also help him to learn to bite gently as other puppies will squeal at him if he hurts them.

I would contact your breeder ASAP. Did you meet the dam and sire of your pup? Any known aggression issues for either of them?
03-05-2012 05:58 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Thought so :/ We push him off immediately, shout NO and walk out of room.
03-05-2012 05:55 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Umm, No, that is not normal. Should not be tolerated, IMO
03-05-2012 05:41 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Hi is it normal for pups to show aggression? we know it's normal for them to nip but as of late, Ted has been growling and aiming at our throats when he bites.
03-05-2012 12:19 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Hi we've left the room for 30 seconds. When we return, he does it again.
02-29-2012 08:50 AM
Re: biting and jumping!

You stated the response that you got from trying all the above tactics but you didn't say whether you tried leaving the room for 30 secs. I am telling you it will work. Not instantly but if everytime he trys to bite or jump you leave the room for 30 secs day on day he will do this less and less.
02-28-2012 10:00 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Pup is what 10 weeks now? If you're at your wits end now, you're in for a ride.

OK, you need to firstly get a grip on yourselves and stop peaking out so much. It all reads like pretty normal 10 week old puppy to me. Pups are no different to toddlers. When they get really energetic for that hour in the morning and at night, what's the bet they crash hard and fast after. It's normal. Don't sweat it.

But, it sounds like pup is intimidating you with it's behaviour. Don't be, it's feeling out everything in this new world. It knows nothing. It is going to rely on you to show it. That means anticipating behaviour and altering the path to suit. You know the dog is going to go into hyper mode at a certain time of the day. It sounds like your around often when this happens. So use it. Get outside with the dog and do some playing. Get some rope toys and play tug. Get out and play with a ball. A frisbee. If it is cold and wet, play inside, they don't need a lot of room at 10 weeks. Do some training. Sit, drop, stay, leave it and even NO!

Take immediate action when a behaviour is exhibited that is not desirable. IMMEDIATE. That means when pup nips you in way that is not desirable, isolate it. You've tried everything else and it's apparently not working, so try a time out somewhere. Best not use the crate as punishment and don't be harsh, just a simple no and straight into Solitary!
Repeat this till it stops.

When possible, be very vocal in praising the good behaviour even when doing normal things. You also have to teach pup what your happy and not happy tones and body language is too, so it has a lot to take in for such a young mind. Voice and body language are great cues for them. Be vocal and expressive with hands and voice.

Repeat, repeat and repeat. It's the only way to get to where you want. Be also aware taht Vizsla play is very rough. It really is when compared to a lot of other breeds. If you have not had one before, you may be misreading it as aggression. Most are just being normal V pups. They just play rough and you need to teach them where your level of play is at. Each time they over step the mark. stop the play. Recommence a little later and stop again once they overstep the mark again. All with praise when right and gentle no's when wrong.

Be patient. They know nothing the poor little things. Sometimes they make mistakes too. The punishment should fit the crime. What would mum do? Try and be a little like mum without actually biting them like she did Mum rarely got upset either. More often mum just nudges pup away from whatever it is. Next is a low vocal warning, then a growl, then a snap which is just a jolt, not really physical. Replicate that in your way.

But, do not let pup intimidate you anymore or frustrate you. Remember, you're the one with the intelligence, not pup

02-28-2012 07:14 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

If you go back through the post histories, you will find others who just couldn't find a discouragement that would work. Hang in there! Ted will start releasing his excess energy with the zoomies soon. Once the zoomies start, the biting should become more bearable. Search the post histories for a timeline, but I think Savannah started the zoomies around 10 weeks and stopped most of the unmanageable biting around 12 weeks. The timelines are all a little different for these super-determined puppies.

Until then, plan to wear denim and gloves or some other sturdy fabric when you know he is going to go nuts. It will still hurt, but not as much. Keep experimenting with calm discouragements. As you have found, the 'ouch', turning your back, and yelling amp him up. The time out worked for us, but it took me a while to learn how to use it CALMLY. You are training each other and you have the longer attention span and memory. Keep experimenting.

By the way - when the zoomies start, bend your knees. He is learning how tightly he can corner and will miss occasionally. It really hurts when they slam into your legs if your knees aren't bent.
02-28-2012 05:44 PM
Re: biting and jumping!

Just one suggestion that hasn't yet been mentioned. When Gracie first came home, we had good luck with clicking and treating for paws on ground. I would literally hover around puppy and kids and click whenever she was anywhere near them with all four paws down. I did not think that she could possibly learn what I wanted this way, but within a day or two she was noticeably staying down much more frequently and jumping far less. Trailing a toy on a long string or shoelace is a fun way to have a very young puppy chase you around without nipping at your clothes (at least until they get old enough/smart enough/fast enough to just go for the string...we can't play that game anymore!).

Both of these suggestions come from Karen Pryor's DVD, "Clicker Puppy". Highly recommended. Available on Amazon.

Good luck! I second the suggestion to LEAVE after saying OW. If you don't have a room with a baby gate, consider setting one up.

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