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General Vizslas

General Vizslas

Talk about Vizslas in general here.
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  • 7.8M


Just got your Vizsla? Learn more about them and ask questions here.
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Diet & Eating

Talk about the diet of your Vizsla, what it eats and anything related.
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If you have a Vizsla puppy then you can talk about it here.
20.7K 5M
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Talk about the lifestyle of your Vizsla here.
3.4K 840K
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  • 840K


The working side of Vizslas, Hunting.
7.5K 1.4M
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  • 1.4M

Training & Behaviour

Talk about training your Vizsla and it's behaviour.
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Grooming & Accessories

Talk about grooming your Vizsla and any accessories here.
2.1K 690K
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Meet people in your area, plan walks and more.
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Adoptable Vizslas

You are required to add the location to the subject line of your post
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Vizsla Problems

Diet Problems

Is your Vizsla having problems eating or wont eat? Post here.
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  • 167K

Health Problems

Talk about any health problems that your Vizsla has here.
8.6K 2.1M
  • 8.6K
  • 2.1M

Behaviour Problems

If your Vizsla is having behaviour problems, then post here.
4.2K 1.1M
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  • 1.1M

Other Problems

If you are having any other problems with your Vizsla then post here.
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Your Vizsla

Pictures & Videos

Post pictures and videos of your Vizsla here.
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Wags and Brags

Share your Vizsla's achievements in all venues of competition.
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  • 4.2K

New Vizslas

Have a new Vizsla? Post here.
2K 354K
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  • 354K


Share memories and good moments that you have had with your Vizsla.
618 115K
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  • 115K


Talk about other things to do with your Vizsla.
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The Lounge

Introductions. Your first post.

Your first post should be here to approve your account.
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Other Pets

Discuss any other pets that you have here.
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General Chit Chat

Talk about anything you want here.
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Vendor Deals

12 2.7K
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  • 2.7K

For Sale

Got something pet related to sell? Post it here.
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  • 31.4K


The place to post if you want something new for your Vizsla.
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Hungarian Vizsla Forums


Announcements to do with these forums will be posted here.
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Suggestions & Feedback

Post any suggestions, feedback or praise that you have for these forums here.
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Homepage News Section

Post a news story with a hosted image in the first line to show on the homepage.
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