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General Vizslas

General Vizslas

Talk about Vizslas in general here.
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Just got your Vizsla? Learn more about them and ask questions here.
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Diet & Eating

Talk about the diet of your Vizsla, what it eats and anything related.
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If you have a Vizsla puppy then you can talk about it here.
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Talk about the lifestyle of your Vizsla here.
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The working side of Vizslas, Hunting.
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Training & Behaviour

Talk about training your Vizsla and it's behaviour.
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Grooming & Accessories

Talk about grooming your Vizsla and any accessories here.
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Meet people in your area, plan walks and more.
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Adoptable Vizslas

You are required to add the location to the subject line of your post
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Vizsla Problems

Diet Problems

Is your Vizsla having problems eating or wont eat? Post here.
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Health Problems

Talk about any health problems that your Vizsla has here.
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Behaviour Problems

If your Vizsla is having behaviour problems, then post here.
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Other Problems

If you are having any other problems with your Vizsla then post here.
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Your Vizsla

Pictures & Videos

Post pictures and videos of your Vizsla here.
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Wags and Brags

Share your Vizsla's achievements in all venues of competition.
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New Vizslas

Have a new Vizsla? Post here.
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Share memories and good moments that you have had with your Vizsla.
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Talk about other things to do with your Vizsla.
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The Lounge

Introductions. Your first post.

Your first post should be here to approve your account.
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Other Pets

Discuss any other pets that you have here.
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General Chit Chat

Talk about anything you want here.
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Vendor Deals

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For Sale

Got something pet related to sell? Post it here.
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The place to post if you want something new for your Vizsla.
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Hungarian Vizsla Forums


Announcements to do with these forums will be posted here.
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Suggestions & Feedback

Post any suggestions, feedback or praise that you have for these forums here.
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Homepage News Section

Post a news story with a hosted image in the first line to show on the homepage.
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  1. Hello, My partner and I have recently brought home our male Vizsla puppy Kobe, who is 11 weeks old. We've had him since 8 weeks and all things considered we're really pleased with his behaviour and he seems to be responding really well to some initial training. After a difficult first week...
  2. General Vizslas
    This forum is a great resource for people needing advice on dealing with puppy problems, so there are a lot of posts from people with horror stories to tell. One could get the impression that V puppies are all demon possessed. We rarely hear from owners who have a calm, well behaved, trainable...
  3. Pictures & Videos
    A few days ago I took in a pup that was found by a family friend. Pretty sure he was dumped. Really a super sweet and intelligent boy and we are over the moon with him already. We are trying to get an idea of what his breed mix might be and I keep wondering if he’s a Vizsla mix, possibly with...
  4. Hello, just found these forums and was hoping for some advice. My wife and I have a 13 week old pup, Sadie. We thought we had gotten the potty training thing down. No accidents for two weeks, she was reliably coming up to us and giving us two grunts telling us it was time to go outside. It...
  5. Pictures & Videos
    Hope you are all surviving the craziness the universe is sending us right now. Haven't been on here for a while, trying to keep business going, keep sane and healthy, and it has taken me a while to 'accept' the new look website. (Which looks great by the way, so well done all.) Though I'd...
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