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Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

My Vizsla rarley barks, only when someone knocks on the door and even then its rare. I have been around other Vizsla's that bark like crazy (Field Trial Bred) I thought I would ask the forum what you have experinced? My Vizsla will whine when he feels like he is not getting his way. On the stake out he whines like crazy (kinda embarrassing) He crate trained well, but will whine when he knows that I am listening.
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

my 10 months old pup rarely barks. Only when she hears steps in front of the door (living in an appartment). Besides that- she never barks at other dogs or to dogs who bark at her.
She never whines. Even when she's hungry or needs to go for potty which makes it sometimes diffcult to know when she needs to.
Yesterday I was skpyping with my relatives and I couldn't supervize her so I put her into a room and put a playpen gate in front of the door. Honestly, I forgot the dog : After 2 hours of sitting in front of skype she came into my mind .... she didn't make any sound. She was still on the same spot where I left her and she was waiting patiently.....
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Olive whines all the time! Also when we say 'no', when she is doing something she isnt meant to she just swats us with her paw!!!!
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark? need to go back to Vizsla training school with your dog. Obviously you're a slow learner and your dog needs to brush you up on things to keep you skills sharp!! Otherwise you would have known it's not whining, but talking............... You just need to work out what they are saying!!

Astro has a different whine for almost everything. I can tell now if he wants out for number 1's or 2's. I can also tell if he's just foxing to get outside and check out what's awake at 3am!! He has one for when the water bowl is low and one for when it's dry. One for food, one for a walk and one for play. Even one for when he wants to go to bed.....

Brush up on your Vizlish!

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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Tied out at a trial he will give a woof when we walk away. Its like he is saying you forgot me. Next a few deep barks letting us know he's not happy about being left. Then he just lays down or watches the other dogs running the braces.
My husband spoils him.

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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Neither one are big barkers unless it's an alert bark. If Flynn needs something though, he will sometimes bark. For example, if he needed to go out and I didn't notice he was hanging out by the door, he'd let out one loud bark as if to say "Hey, I need you over here". Or, if we're playing frisbee and he wants me to throw it to him, he'll bark. Most of the time though, he's all about non-verbal eye contact when he wants something. He looks at me, then looks at what he wants, then looks at me, then what he wants etc. He's very communicative.

Luna is a whiner when she wants something. It's kind of annoying but it's better than loud barking I guess. She whines when she wants something from us (i.e. to throw her a toy) or from Flynn (his bully stick). She only really does alert barks.

They both sometimes do an excited whine. For example, when we pull up to their favorite park and they know a run is in order, they give a high pitched excited whine.
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Both of our dogs will bark to alert us.
Max whines, but only when his toys get under a couch. He trained me well - I jump to get the toy out almost immediately
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Nitro whines when he wants something. Very annoying. Have not and may not be able to break this habit.

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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Jasper makes a funny noise when he wants something very badly--it's really just a very short whine, but it's very expressive! If someone is teasing him with food, he eventually gets frustrated and makes what my brother calls his "Wookie" noise. It's usually if someone makes him do (in his mind) too many tricks for what is really not that great of a treat anyway, hmph.

He never used to bark much--once in a while if someone was loitering suspiciously outside our home. Now we live with a mini-dachshund, though, and she is a very high alert kind of dog. Jasper picks up a lot of his cues from her (she is very much the boss of him, despite appearances), so he's become more barky, but not nearly as much as her, thank goodness. She still barks at nothing (to us, to her it's probably the spawn of Satan), but although he barks more often, it's always still "at" something.

Other than that, he's pretty quiet. Lots of grumbles and sighs at night. Never howls, only occasionally roos. Not a very vocal player, and doesn't bark if he's after anything he considers prey. In fact, we had a mouse in the house once, and he was kenneled while the mouse was hiding under the couch. My roommate (who had just gotten home) said Jasper was totally calm in his kennel, then when he let him out, stretched, calmly sauntered out, then dove under the couch to catch the mouse. We thought he would have been going mad, wanting to get that little guy, but he was cool as a cucumber until he really went for it. He did end up killing the mouse with one good shake. He's better than the downstairs neighbors' cats!
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Re: Does your Vizsla whine or bark?

Darcy has started singing along to the Emmerdale theme song when it comes on....her singing is just about as painful Emmerdale itself...........

Galantyne Cimbora..lovingly know as Darcy.
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