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What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?


I just thought I'd start a post about what people do when they go on holiday without their V.

We plan to do most of our holidays with Baxter, we go camping in the summer. But we will be going to Spain in August next year to see my Mum and won't be able to take him. We have friends and family that have offered to have him depending on how the training goes and if he is well behaved.

I also have a friend that suggests we try a kennel but I'm not keen because I know V's don't do well with kennels but her dog loves going there.

What do you guys do?
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

We don't go abroad as my husband can't cope with the heat, to long a story to go into. As we only go on holidays in the UK it is not a problem for us to take Bella with us.
I could understand why Vizsla's don't like the kennels, they love their own family to much

I am sure some of the other people on here have been in tis situation before and will be able to answer that for you.

Sorry I couldn't help
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

Mine go to their trainer. They already know and like him. They get a little brush up on training, and get exercise in the fields.
June is in heat and spent last weekend with him. To many male dogs on last weekends hunt for her to go.

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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

Mac stays with his dog walker. He loves it.
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What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

Dozer stayed with a friend...or my mom came down once... But now that we have two and the friend now has three that totals 5 so I'm afraid to ask. I'm just hoping my boyf doesn't ask me to travel anywhere. I did it for 27 years and over it. But he never started until going with me so he's all about it. I think we need an RV...
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

Holiday? What's "on holiday?" ???

Knowledge and tools all help in training your dog, but have no worth whatsoever if one does not get up and actually go train.
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

we nearly always go away in our caravan and Ruby comes with us. On the one occasion since we've had her and taken the kids to Center Parcs, Ruby went to stop with our friend that has 3 wire haired V's and a GWP

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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

My Bella goes in kennels, I wouldn't say she loves it but she doesn't need dragged back in when she goes back, and she greets the owner like she is her long lost friend.
I rang the kennels when she was a pup and asked the best age to introduce her to the kennels and how etc. She said about 8 months old, so we took her up for just one night as a litle trial run. She was ok, so the next month we were at a wedding so we took her again. Then she stayed a weekend and then for 2 weeks while we were abroad.
Obviously I would prefer her not to be there, but I promised my husband when we got a dog we would not stop going away. We only have one main holiday a year, and a couple of weekends, so she isn't in there too much or too long.
Now we have the pup so we will do the same again, I will ring them up and ask their advice etc and hopefully they will kennel the 2 dogs together so they will be company for each other.
My parents have had Bella a few times for a couple of odd days and nights, but my mum isn't in the best of health so I don't like to rely on them. The way I see it I wouldn't want to think my parents couldn't watch Bella and she was say 6 years old and never been in a kennel and suddenly she may have to go.
I keep up Bella with a visit to the kennels approx twice a year, so she knows them and knows we always come back for her. Even though I know she would prefer to be with us, she does go in there with her tail wagging so it can't be that bad right?
I would research kennels in your area, and ask all local dog owners you meet where they kennel their dogs. There are lots of good kennels about, also there are dog sitters about too who will watch your dog in their home so you may want to find out about that.
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

Originally Posted by WillowyndRanch
Holiday? What's "on holiday?" ???

Ken, it's the British English phrase for on vacation. Funny how we still need to translate within the same language sometimes.

I was also thinking about the topic in this thread today, but regarding raw diets. Do those that feed raw diets switch to kibble when boarding dogs or do you make special arrangements? Just curious.
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Re: What do you do when you go on holiday without your V?

I feed a raw diet and I box enough raw food up in a cold store for how ever long we are going to be away and take it with them, and then my friend puts it in her deep freeze - no problem at all.

Previously our Dane has gone to a friend of mine who lives about an hour away. She has dogs at her home to earn money. They live in the house with her, usually in a huge flag stoned conservatory. During the day they walked on the fam adjoining her property and then wonder (if they do not wonder off the property) around her fields and stables when she is out and about with her horses. Fergus always comes back shattered, as he leads a much quieter life at home but at least I know he is with someone and not locked in a kennel.

Now he is 7yr old and we have the 10month old pup I was thinking I would rather them stay at home. So I am thinking of getting a house sitter for our next vacation. Some of my friends have daughters who have now finished University and can't get jobs so earn money by dog and horse sitting. So I am going to look into this. I wouldn't be keen on a stranger living in my house but both of the girls I am thinking of, I have known since they were babies.
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