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How did you come about owning a Vizsla?

I thought I throw it out there to see the reasons behind folks decision to get a Vizsla. I know the reasons will be different vary from person to person.

In my case it was rather accidental, and spontaneous. We were looking after our friends Weimaraner on extended and regular basis. We loved that dog, but realized, that because of its size, especially for my wife, when that dog seen a cat, rabbit or a squirrel, it was next to impossible to control it. If it decided to go, it would take my wife with it without a problem, flying through the air right behind.

Vizsla came in our research as the original dog, from which Weimies were bread only 300 years ago. The general description, looks and in particular size made us think, they would make great fit. In that respect, we decided on a girl, to make the size even smaller. In retrospect, best decision we ever made.

The only concern that we had at the beginning was, that the Vizsla might be way too hyper or to energetic for us, but it turned out, since we are rather active couple, it is the Vizsla that is more often tired that we are.

How about you guys? How did you come to that decision?
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I grew up with a terrier who had but two responses to life generally: She was either asleep or on fire...but mostly the latter, and although I loved her dearly, I decided that I needed a corrective emotional experience with my next dog. Or, a lot of expensive, time consuming therapy. I also wanted a dog that could enjoy the great outdoors with me, hard exercise (hiking, skiing, snow shoeing..travelling to distant places for same) is my primary form of entertainment and recreation.

I new it would be a sporting dog of some kind, and went to exactly one dog show where I spent the day looking at the various breeds and was immediately taken by the Vizsla and how they were all sitting on their owner's laps, and how they all fixed their eyes on them as well. I was hooked immediately, and when all the breeders confirmed not only their neediness...we like well as their insatiable energy, I knew I had found my canine soul mate.

That was over 25 years ago, and I never looked back...
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I wanted a had been a while. Was looking at Egyptian Pharoah Hounds....Vizlas and Nova Scotia Tollers. The Vizla was about 2 hrs away. Breeder had 2 I am Today! Even though he has boundless energy and is READY TO PLAY 24/7 and never let's up! He is still my Favorite Dog I have taken into my life!

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It was kind of a process of elimination for me.
I wanted a dog that could work close in dense cover, which is what we have here in New England for the most part. I had ruled out a few breeds simply because of the range they hunted at. The big running pointers and English setters would be just to far out for everyday hunting. Beautiful to watch in a trial, but just not practical for the on foot hunter in the woods.
I read a lot of articles about the various breeds in the hunting magazines, and the Vizsla just intrigued me, for a variety of reasons. Every article kept pointing out the close working characteristic of the breed and the intelligence of the breed. That's what I was looking for, a dog that could be trained to work in close, and extend out on command.
Long story short, we brought home Upwind Boone in 1987, and have had Vizslas ever since.
They're amazing family members.

You'll never beat a lesson into a dog, you just beat desire out.
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I first met a Viszla in LA about 7 years ago, and was very taken by it....we had been thinking about getting another dog. My husband was 'torturing' me about getting another dog for all of that 7 years. As our kids are gone, the cat and our Dalmatian had passed, I was very reluctant to tie us down. But, when my husband was hospitalised for serious illness for the second time this time last year, with short odds of making it out, on his release, I could see that he was becoming more and more isolated being stuck at home, studying his neuroscience masters, and not really interacting with the world, so I relented, started research and then found Maggie. (We were very close to adopting an Akito/something cross from the pound at one point.)

I will admit that we were not really prepared, while we had done our research, we were not fully up to speed with just how needy this breed is. However, we adapted our lifestyles accordingly, and now would not be without her. We find we're spending more time as a couple together, Maggie has taken over our lives, our days are full of laughter due to her.

on Saturday afternoon, our 'dog sitter' was minding another 6 month old Viszla from the same day care and training centre. She brought the puppy to our house so we could go horse riding. The chaos was hilarious...and now husband is seriously considering another Viszla puppy.

I am yet to be convinced. 😁
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I am yet to be convinced. 😁[/QUOTE]

Go for #2!

I few months ago my wife sprung on me that she wanted to adopt a 10 month old female. I was not convinced as we were pretty well comfortable with our male.

Against my wishes she took our male on an intro trip to see compatibility It was love at first sight for her and our male. They were on the way home together.

Well as usual she was right. The second one has fit in very well.. Did not take long to get a rhythm with both.. They Play fight a lot. You would swear they are trying to kill each other until you see the tails wagging a million miles an hour.

They drive each other on their runs so they both come home tired!
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Fiancé wanted an outdoor dog such as Rhodesian ridgeback and we looked at the breed on the akc website. For some reason through a series of clicks the site suggested vizsla. He looked, decided he liked the breed and left it at that.

We were actually more looking at adopting a bengal kitten at the time but thought let’s look at dogs around us. Why not? He wanted a dog more but thought cats would be easier right now. He saw a listing for vizslas and was adamant he wanted to see them, so we put them on the list. The Ridgebacks were too expensive (so we didn’t see them), the Dobermann breeder ghosted us, the Bengal didn’t work out, and we fell in love the moment we saw those puppies. Ended up taking one home the same day.
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