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Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please

Vip was allergic to grasses, though it's possible that it wasn't really an allergy. Grasses contain long silica crystals that make you itchy just like fiberglass does. Consider that many Vizslas are not as tall as the grass they run through, so they can get those irritating crystals all over themselves. This will happen in the fall/winter as well as any other time, so you can probably distinguish it from an actual pollen allergy.

Molds are out there, too.

When Vip's ears got yeasty it would set off itchiness on the rest of his body.

His really serious allergy, though, was to rubber and latex. Raquetballls and tennis balls would give him quarter-sized hives, and it took me a long time to realize they were the source. Try toys by Zygoflex, Orca (the blue translucent stuff), and others. Latex is a common enough allergy in humans, and plants make latex to discourage herbivory... makes sense that it'd be irritating stuff.

Best bet for skin irritants vs actual allergens is get your dog accustomed to bathing, and bathe it after it's run through grass etc.
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