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Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please

I can relate to all of you. It's been a very tough spring for Riley. We had him allergy tested and out of 80+ items tested he is moderately to severely allergic to well over 60. The shots did not work. The sublingual drops did not work. The specialist said that we would try Apoquel, but there's been a severe availability issue on the product so we've been winging it and treating the symptoms. 3 Benadryl in the morning, 3 at noon, 3 at bedtime, eye ointment at night, eye drops in the morning, Ketaconazole 3x a week, and anti-yeast medicated wipes 2x a day. We just got the call yesterday that they had managed to get some Apoquel for Riley so we go in tonight. He has to be infection free in order to go on it and I'm not sure that we are infection free so we'll see. There's so much he's allergic to we can't very well put him in a bubble so we just play it day to day. Seems like our poor V's are prone to allergies.
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