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Re: Many questions about Vizslas!!!!!

Hi John-
My husband never owned a dog before but is a big animal lover. We adjusted our schedule and now wake up 45 min. before he goes to work. He'll walk and off leash Snickers to release his energy in the morning. When we come home about 6 hours later where he is contained in our foyer. If my mother-in-law has time, she'll come over to release him outside in our yard. Snickers gets walked at least 3-4 times a day. We live across a school where he runs freely. They aren't hyper dogs-they do have lots of energy so your hikes on the weekends would be great. After a day at the beach or at the dog park he is sacked and will take a long snoring nap. I hope that you find this useful-we don't regret buying this dog at all. Perfect choice for us...
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