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Re: Skin problems

We I went on vacation on the 15th of Jan for 2 weeks and by the end of this the red belly and elbows had just about gone. But as soon as we got home it started to come back. So after 17 days of it progressing she was sucking/chewing or scratching her belly, elbows and all 4 paws. Everything was getting red. She was mainly doing this morning and evening and worse on hot, humid days.

So today I took her to the vet and he reckons it is an allergy to something she has come in contact in but not necessarily to the grass we have at home. So he has perscribed a course of Prednisone (half a tablet a day) and an anti-bacterial wash to ensure the red patches don't get infected. Seven hours after the first tablet I would say it is having an effect as I haven't seen her scratch this evening.

So I hope it goes and doesn't come back. It's not nice to see your best mate scratching herself raw.

Anyone else seen this sort of thing? ???
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