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Re: How much exercise does a 4 month old need?

We follow the off leash "plan" as well. I started running with Miles when he was 6 months old but he was off his lead and on the beach or on a trail. If he ever fell behind me or seemed tired, the "run" was over. At 6 months, 1.5-2 miles of crazy puppy running tired him. He self regulated his exercise. We were nervous to let him but we had a crazy puppy zipping around the house at 5 months and all the walking in the world wouldn't calm him. Everyone was happier with the off leash plan. Even now at 15 months we do as much off leash as possible and 75% or more of our runs are on the beach or trail. Today he had an hour off leash beach run and had I not had to get ready for work, he would have kept going.

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