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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

well if you are busy there is nothing you can do 15 minutes will have to do.there are days when mine dont get out of the back yard.but let me tell you this,if your dog gets toys to play with and a real bone every so often and do get your attention they can be happy with that. As long as you get them out for an uninterupted hour the next day and a walk too then you should be ok.V's can be happy being couch potatoes,but not for to long.they are and let me stress this with the utmost importance a very energetic breed of dog.mine know that they are going to the park before i even tell them or grab my jacket.Its like they can read my mind,its almost scary.all they really want to do is when it comes down to brass tacks if it was up to them it would be twice a day for two hours a day.thats what they can do it is up to you to give them what you can.mine go to park early and late so they can run off leash and chase birds and moles they love it.
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