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Re: Looks like Pacsi's first heat is here!

Hey Suliko, it's funny you posted this...

Elza's having her second heat from right tonight! Came home from work and there was it, blood on her bedding. I already knew she will come into heat since her lady part was swollen for about 3 weeks prior and a few male dogs were sniffing at her in the park making crying noises...

As you may remember she had her first heat in June so it's literally 6 months later! Like a clock! >
First time I didn't realise at all she was coming into heat, I think because of her age (6.5 months old), we just didn't expect it at all and one day my other half got up at the morning and she was having very dark discharge. :-[
Now I was more prepared.... We've been watching her like a hawk! :
I have to say there's a huge difference between her first and second time so far but I put this down to her age, she was really just a puppy in June. A few weeks ago my extremely submissive dog had a fight with another dog (Elza got bitten while she was with our dog walker) and last week she attacked a staffy on leash. She didn't get the dog but would circle around it and bark aggressively. Two of us couldn't get her and when eventually I did she almost bit me as I grabbed her by her collar. She never touched my skin but obviously she was totally in a red zone! She has never done anything like this before and most of the time she ends up on her back if she sees another dog, that's how submissive she is! The reason why I mentioned this because she acts a bit unpredictable at times. I'd like to think this is because of her getting into heat and not because we have a problem with her.

This morning when I took her out there was definitely no discharge whatsoever. Tonight it's bright red or a bit darker straight away. It's not necessary she will have any other discharge beforehand.

Elza always pees a lot outside (she's a marker!) but hasn't had any accidents in the house for a long time. You might be right about the UTI. Better be safe than sorry.

Good luck with your girl, once it starts we keep her safe for about 30 days. I think for the first 5 days its still ok around other dogs but its something you need to monitor.

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