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Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please

LaVidaLoca, oh the problems of owning a puppy!!! Interesting that Vida got the rash after going through the long grass. If she had been okay in that field previously, is it possible they might have sprayed recently with a pestacide that Vida has reacted to?? Is the grass in seed - could she have breathed in seeds from the grass which she has reacted to.

Hopefully they will both grow out of this problem. The hives on Boris are now mainly in his ears they go down while he is on the Periton, but get red and lumpy toward the time he needs another tablet. I sometimes wonder if I will ever know what is causing it.

Vizsla Baby - so pleased that you have the problem under control and that Sadie can enjoy the farm once more - and a big well done to Sadie for learning to swim.
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