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Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please

Hey hotmischief

I'm having the same issue with our pup. Few weeks ago she had everywhere rashes on her belly and got some big bumps on her neck. I went to the Vet. He said that's typical for puppies. Can caused by many factors. He gave an injection and said that this allergy might come again. It got better with the injection and for 3 weeks she was fine. Last weekend my husband went on the field again and when they came back she had these rashes again. Mostly on the chest. The rashes got dry and flaky now. ...really weird. We used to go on this field all the time. So I guess must be a special grass here. I don't have another explanation. He gave me a Spray called ATOP 7 Spray ( Dermoscent / Animal Dermo - Care ) .

It's an Soothing emulsion for dogs and really good. Only natural ingredients and made in France. So I spray it on her skin when she's having bad rashes.

Or I put on some Aloe Vera oil which is really good to. The bumps and rashes doesn't disappear but helps a little bit I think.
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