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Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please

Hotmischeif, we had a red sore rash with Brook. Which went in to a yellow green spotty rash, we treated it with tea tree oil and aloe vera, along with washing the skin. We put it down to the long grass and the algae forming in the water, effecting the young skin.(All the Vizsla puppies around at the time had the same rash, even from different litters)

Brook had severe hives after eating a mushroom(found at side of the road), which needed emergency vet treatment for poisoning, and took several weeks to clear up, which we treated with oatmeal wash. One of the hives he itch so much it caused some damage on the end of his tail, resulting in a bald patch, which splits.

We have also seen him getting the face and ear swelling from house dust mites, he got behind some furniture twice, and on each occasion the lumpy hives appeared. treated with piriton.

We had previously gone through hives turning in to face severe swelling with our daughter, they ran test on her and found no real allergy's, slight mould and dust mites, but hardly a reaction.

It seems to be a combination of feeling unwell soar throat and some thing else. The doctors thought it might be the medicine? So all she is allowed is liquid calpol. She has had reactions after taken tablet paracetamol and ibuprofen. She actually had a reaction yesterday, and after taking piriton, taking a shower and changing her clothes it went away quickly.

The point being they grow out of it (usually) so if its not too severe, Know how to treat it and live with it or avoid it.

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