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Superunknown 02-23-2012 12:35 PM

biting and jumping!
My vizsla Ted is 9 weeks old now. We had some problems as stated in other threads but they have now been sorted thanks to other people's advice :)

However when Ted wakes up, has a meal or when he gets excited, he chases, jumps on people and bites anyone, ripping clothes and breaking the skin! We have tried to be firm, push him off gently and shout "NO" but as soon as he gets off...he does it again and takes no notice. We have tried to calm him down and encourage safe play with other toys but there are moments during the day when he just bites and bites us. We are out of our wits! He is well behaved 75% of the time and rather loving and just wants to lick us, We just do not like the biting moments.

We have also tried leash training but all Ted does is take notice of the leash and tries to bite it off.

If there are any would be highly appreciated. Many thanks!

hobbsy1010 02-23-2012 01:19 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Try saying or crying ow, or owch or the likes.

Even if its light biting. I was frightened of dogs before getting our Vizsla. And this is one of the only tips the breeder told us, along with teach him NO.

A loud clap of the hands or a hay or shht noise may work. Also try and stay calm.

The more worked up you are the more your pup thinks its play.

Worked for me. Small rips in your clothes soon pass. Dont wear your best clothes or white out for a while ;)

(MRS) Hobbsy

Looney 02-23-2012 01:23 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Laszlo is 10 weeks now got him at 9 weeks flew home with him.
Decent trip.

he is pretty good (knock on wood) but he's had some moments!

if hes barking nipping or air humping you Cesar him, stand up fast, turn back, cross arms ignore! works! then sit back down and if he does it again (which is good) pop right back up!!!! a few of these and he'll get the picture.

if he's nipping, you can YIP real loud and he should stop! this is to mimick litter mates or other pups/dogs saying "Too hard stop!" if that fails touch his butt while you YIP real loud...changes his point of interest for that second and they move on.

datacan 02-23-2012 02:45 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Spread some peanut butter or butter on the palm of your hand, let dog lick it off. That way they learn to lick instead of bite hands.

Make dog jump (not hard to achieve this) grab dog's front paws (do not squeeze or pinch) and command "OFF" while letting the legs land on the ground. This will teach the "OFF" command.

Never discourage your dog's natural tendencies. Instead, divert or channel dog's attention to a chew toy or play. Important to understand dogs are not human children and do not associate experiences the same way humans do.

Try and do not teach the dog arm assisted commands (moving hands while verbally giving command) because the arm movement will become the command and the verbal command will have no meaning.

Outside, if the dog jumps and bites on walks, it may mean it is tired and you must go home. Or it may mean it is in play mode. Will not likely happen at the beginning of the walk.
In any case do not waive arms up and down in front of the dog. Grab font legs say "OFF". It will eventually get it.

Puppy teeth are sharp you can opt to wear soft leather work gloves to keep teeth penetrating your skin surface. Do not allow dog to chew on the glove.
As mentioned above by hobbsy1010 yelp and stop play as if it hurts a lot, even if wearing gloves.

Ozkar 02-23-2012 05:06 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
At 9 weeks of age, you must accept this behaviour. It is a natural way that puppies learn bite pressure. SO that they can play bite their puppy friends without hurting them, but hurt when they need to. So, it is a process that you will need to accept as part of having a puppy.

I am not suggesting that you take no action when he does, as this would be foolish. But, what would mum do if pup bit her. She would correct pup first with a yelp, maybe a nip and perhaps then pushing it away, or walking away and ignoring it.

Others have suggested that you "Yelp" in pain when pup bites and this is a great suggestion. It tells pup it has bitten to hard. Also, remember, pup is learning how hard it can play with YOU. Another pup would put up with way more bite pressure before yelping than us humans would. So it's learning that it cannot bite you as hard as it did it's littermates.

As for the jumping, welcome to a very hind leggy breed. Now once again, I am not suggesting you cannot correct it, but don't get too stressed about pup doing it. It's a natural thing to get your attention. After all, your 5 foot taller than him. How else would he think to get your attention???? You're way up there!

Gentle No's and effective body language will help slow and eventually stop the behaviour. But, you may find it stops after a few months or you may find it stops when pup turns 3. Depends on what sort of mindset pup has and how consistent and repetitious you are.

threefsh 02-23-2012 05:15 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
We did the same as everyone else is suggesting... a loud "OUCH!" and then turning away helped quite a bit. You have to understand that as babies, they don't realize how sharp their teeth are, so don't get angry if he accidentally draws blood.

This video was INSTRUMENTAL in helping us to teach bite inhibition:

The jumping is something you will have to deal with his entire life. Riley's jumping improved a ton and now that she's hit 6 months it's come back with a vengeance (along with mouthing, although we worked so much on bite-inhibition that it's a very gentle mouthing).

Be patient and if all else fails, put him in the crate for a little while with a chew toy and drink a glass of wine to relax. I've lost so much sleep and hair these past few months but I wouldn't trade my girl for the world! Just wait until he's big enough to jump into a nice warm bath you've run for yourself. ;)

born36 02-23-2012 05:18 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Our pup didn't get the picture at all with saying no or turning back. Actually if turned our back it would result in torn trousers in the bum area from a jump and bite! This was all play though
And usually took place when over stimulated or tired. What worked for us was walking out of the room and shutting the door counting to 30 and then going back in. A pup wants to be with u and once he realises that that behaviour results in u leaving and ending play he will quickly stop doing it.

jjohnson 02-23-2012 05:58 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Our Gus gets really excited when we get home and let him out of his crate- so much so that he used to jump up on us and nip at us in excitement. Over the past several months, we just stuck a toy in his mouth every time we came home and let him out. After just a few months, the bahavior, when we get home, he grabs a toy and just wiggles instead of jumping. It is pretty cute--he will actually search for a toy to put in his mouth, and if he can't find one, he panics!

pippa31 02-23-2012 08:39 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
We also went the "Yelp!" or "Ow!" route. Just yelping only stopped the nipping momentarily, but leaving the space and completely ignoring Pippa for 30-45 seconds, really helped. When it got OUT OF CONTROL and I was going insane, I would put her in the crate with a KONG (crate should not be used with was more a time-out for me! haha) and would pour myself a glass of wine ;)

It also helps the more your pup is with other dogs. We found other dogs did a great job correcting Pippa when she bit too hard.
If you are consistent, nipping will be a memory of the past by 16 weeks or so. Hang in there!!

Superunknown 02-28-2012 03:06 PM

Re: biting and jumping!
Hi we've tried yelping and saying makes him do it more

We've tried ignoring him, turning around and giving him time effect...he just jumps and bites us in back of legs

If he jumps on us and bites hard...we push him effect

We try to distract him with other toys...he gets bored within a few min then chases us

Regardless of tactic...he backs off for a second then does it again!

For the past few days, he's been chasing us around, aiming and biting aggressively. He jumped up and bit my parents in the throat and drew blood today when they were stroking him and bit my ankle without letting go, as if it was a rag doll. It's making us nervous.

We've tried shouting out his name but he doesn't take any notice.

We've tried the above tactics but to no avail.

At a certain time of the day. ..our 9 week old puppy is very very aggressive.

We are out of our wits end.

We make sure he's fed appropriately, stimulated enough and gets enough exercise for his age and make sure he gets undisturbed sleep.

I must stress that these moments occur like one hour in the morning and one hour in the late evening. Apart from those occasions, he's a great pup and very gentle!

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