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Crate training

Hi there. New to the Viszla world!

Appreciate this has been asked lots here, but feel it may be good to ask about crate training. So at the moment our 9 week old V, Magi (pictured - weve had her for 3 days now) isnt taking to the crate particularly well. This is what were doing / should we doing something differently?

1. Crate is located in kitchen (was in bedroom but I dont think thats helpful - was whining all night)
2. Havent given in to her whines between 10pm - 7am (only let her out to go to the toilet). She was screaming like a banshee at hour and a half intervals (screaming for 15 mins then sleeping and then repeating).
3. Feeding her in the crate (though havent introduced treats yet - will do that today)
4. In the day the pattern is usually wake up, toilet, play/explore for an hour, toilet, sleep (on us in the living room for 30-45mins) and then the same process again. Should we not let her sleep on us in the day and instead place in the crate?

Obviously she is new to the place and may just be adjusting, but any help welcome. Also breeder reccomended NOT taking away something with mums scent on so dont have that to hand. Instead he suggested putting one of my t shirts in her crate..

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1,2 ) It's a big adjustment. Move the crate into your room, they like to be close. Take her for potty walks a couple times an hr, pick her up, go outside, smooch, put back in crate. You will be exhausted, but within 3 weeks she'll be trained. Ignore screaming during the day, at night consider it a cry for potty unless you just took her out.

3) Feeding in crate is fine, but also, vary this outside the crate too. You acclimate her to the crate by not over using it during the day nor only when you're away (which pairs the crate with loneliness). Leave the door open, make sure there's lots of soft blankets in there, special crate only toys, and let her go in whenever she wants to play or nap.

4) They like and need to be close, so sleeping on you is fine. The task is for you to be in control of that, so sometimes put her in the crate, door open, in room with you, to nap and come out and find you when she's up.
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We bought a “snuggle pup” off amazon,.... little stuffed animal dog with a “heartbeat” inside and give that to him when he is sleepy and our little guy loves to crawl into bed even now when we pull it out. He is 4 months now. Best purchase ever!!!!! We also give treats when we put him in, before we need to leave him, and keep a blanket covering the front and two sides so he can have a nice cozy space. That made a big difference for our pup as well!
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Hi all - just a bit of feedback after a week. So the tables have turned and I'm happy to say Magi just needed some adjustment time and a little help getting used to her crate.

She is now happy to go to bed at night and doesn't make any noise (we do wear her out though, so she is ready to drop about 10pm) - she does make a fuss for 10 minutes when I wake her up to toilet at around 3am, but I'm confident that will disappear eventually (she's just excited to see me and wants to play and not go back to sleep I guess).

Tactics we employed:

- Moving her crate slightly into the utility room which is much cosier (and has a door so she has no visibility of our movements once shes in our crate)
- Blanket over the top of the crate seems to add to the cosyness
- Loads of blankets and toys
- One or two treats when she goes in her crate
- Hot water bottle (which I suppose is a poor mans version of the Snuggle Pup recommendation above)
- Ignore the whining (no excuses unless she needs to pee in the middle of the night)

What I'm discovering is there's a time to shower her with love and praise and then there's a time to be firm and more stubborn than she is! One problem at a time is how I'm finding the most progress is made - rather than trying to conquer every issue simultaneously.

Thanks for the help folks - love this community. So helpful!
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My pup is 11 months now. Got her at 8 weeks. She has an unearthly screech and used it whenever she got frustrated - including when in the crate or when I went into a different room. I am in an apartment so this didn't go over well with neighbors. It was pretty awful. I think there is a certain amount of problem resolution that occurs with some maturity and despite getting a ton of advice on what to and what not to do, I think the basic gist is to never give in to a tantrum. Before letting her ply with others I have her sit and stay first - then release her (she used to whine if she couldn't run right to the group - not anymore), in the crate if she made noise I'd do the opposite of what she wants - either walk away, break eye contact or cover the crate (she hasn't made noise in the crate for several months)...I really thought I had a serious problem on my hands but she has gotten a lot better. At day care - one facility I use crates the dogs around pick up time - she is still vocal - lots of dogs going home and activity after a day of playing. Other than that she is 99% better than the first couple of tough months.
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