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Hi there. I am a new Vizsla owner and have a 10 week old pup Ella. Ella goes into a mood where she does "shark attacks" and bites our clothing, hands, anything in sight. Walking away doesn't work, as she is attached to our pants. My husband has bite marks all over him. She mostly does the clothing thing with me.

We have tried saying "no bite"-- then having her sit, praise her and give her a treat; picking her up; giving her a toy; nothing seems to work for long.

Any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated.
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Re: Biting

I think we've all been in that place Ella, personally I used a harsh "No!" with my two, it never worked all the time. The good news is that they do grow out of it eventually, usually by the time they've got their 2nd teeth.

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Re: Biting

It is a phase, but when the pup gets into this state, it often means the pup is tired and needs a nap. Put the pup in its bed, and leave it alone.
As the pup ages, place a toy, or other appropriate chew item in the pups mouth when you don't want it to have access to your skin. They often relate to this well, and actually will go get their own mouth object when they greet you.
Our V dogs are very affectionate, and mouthing is one of the things they do out of love for you.
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Re: Biting

Amos is now 14 months, but here was our method that I posted about in a previous thread that we used during that phase. For us, it became clear that the zoomies and shark attacks were actually a sign that Amos was tired. Just like little kids, the best way to fight sleep is to amp up! So here was our strategy I outlined in this post:

Amos too had the biting, zooming crazies, which in his case was always because he was overtired. He could not settle himself to save his life. They are just like toddlers. They need help winding down. I taught Amos "calm down' by catching him and holding him upright and belly out with my hand tight under his front legs and hind legs supported. This position makes it very difficult for him to keep biting you. I would speak calmly and say "calm down" over and over again till his heart rate slowed and I would then praise him, "good calm down. good boy!" He was usually asleep within minutes. Now he's 5 months old and too big for me to hold him like that, but he doesn't really bite anymore. He still gets the zoomies, so we'll have him sit and stay on his bed while we do the same "calm down" and "good boy" routine. It really helped him learn how to settle himself. Hope that helps!
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Re: Biting

I had to explain to my boss one day that the dog chewed (actually bit the bum) of my uniform pants to shreds and that I needed new ones. This is a new take on "the dog ate my homework" my boss laughed. I didn't find it very funny because it hurts when they do that.
Yes it has to do with the puppy getting overtired and not catching it before it is too late. We turned our backs on her and ignored her or we gave her something that belonged to her or we just started to recognize when this was happening. Often if you did turn your back on her though you would get it!
The good thing is that it will stop in time. I remember those days.........

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Re: Biting

We just VERY consistently kept toys all over that we could quickly grab and put in his mouth when he would bite. We would praise him for playing with the right thing. We found an antler was by far his favorite, and he would gladly take it over our hands. Our breeder also told us to hold his mouth shut and say "no bite" firmly. I know this method is controversial, but it seemed to work for him. It seemed like over night he just stopped biting at about 12 weeks.
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Re: Biting

The most important aspect of a puppy's education is to use this time while they are a pup to teac bite inhibition. These lessons are vital and are NOT LEARNED by telling the dog NO! or by re-directing the behavior toward attacking a toy, or other means that suppress the attacks.

Instead, the best method is to get ones hand inside the pup's mouth many times daily during this phase. If they bite you go (gently deeper). They will back off. If they are too aggressive then folding their muzzles (very gently) inside thei mouths soif they bite down with their sharp little teeth it is on their own tender fleash, teaches biting hurts. There should never be any pressure or drama in his from the owner.

The more one can get ones hand inside a pup's mouth the better. This should take time on a daily basis and last for months. At the end of the process one will have a dog with a soft-mouth and one that will have the lowest possible odds of evr biting a human, especially a child.

Going through this process is the most important aspect of raising a young Vizsla by far.

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Re: Biting

Gatsby went through this sharking stage too, and this forum was a life-saver and a reassurance that it is normal! Nothing we tried really worked, he just outgrew it. He did seem to do it more when he was overtired or overexcited. He will be two in June and is an angel. It will pass, but I know it's hard at first!
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Great thread. Mogwai is 10 wks today. He is in the puppy biting phase as everyone has mentioned at this age. We are using a combination of methods most people in this thread have used. We have toys scattered around the house so that we can quickly replace our hands with a toy and praise him. When he really chomps down we give him a loud "Ouch". He also goes into his manic phase that is impossible to calm him down. We put him in his crate if he's really out of control, he wimpers for less then a minute and then lays down and falls asleep pretty quickly. We are then able to open the door and he just stays in there and rests. We will work a little more on bite inhibition as others have mentioned.

Thanks again to all who have posted.
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I'm in the midst of this, I'm heartened a little to know I'm not alone. Disheartened to hear I'm likely facing another 3 months of it.

He's just calmed down after a fairly strenuous shark phase. Very hard to deal with, feel like we're failing him. Unlike Mogwai crating just sends our boy to another level. He'd actually been improving quite a lot, but this evening he didn't settle after his evening meal leading to over stimulation/fatigue and nothing seemed to calm him.
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