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"Assault" weapons

This is a deeply controversial topic. Please understand that I am trying to reach out and understand something unfamiliar to me.

I am not looking for quotes or advocacy articles.

There are going to be loud calls for bans on assault weapons in the coming weeks and months. I am wondering why reasonable people like some of us here 8) might object to such a ban. What purpose do such weapons serve in your life or in the lives of people you know? Does anyone use such weapons to hunt? Does anyone need to?

We can kill this thread if it gets too political, though I am hoping that we can all work really hard to prevent it from getting heated by refraining from emotion/accusation/slams on politicians and lobbying organizations.

Apologies for going off-topic.
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Re: "Assault" weapons

I will simple put.

I agree.
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Re: "Assault" weapons

The simple answer is that the second amendment is for a well armed public militia, it has nothing to do with hunting, rather to protect our freedom - and if one studies the founders the primary focus of that need for protection was from our own government (tyranny).


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Re: "Assault" weapons

I don't think that helps answer the question. In 1787 its was possible to be as well-armed as the government, however in 2012 its is not possible. These notions havent applied for a long long time. However the Constitution did something else, its arranged for a frequently elected government that prevents tyranny from being a possiblility.
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Re: "Assault" weapons

Thanks, Ken. Just trying to be sure that I understand.

The reason that people would want to own an assault weapon (and I appreciated Gunnr's insightful comment that this term is ill-defined) has nothing to do with hunting. People should be able to own these weapons because having a well-armed citizenry protects us all from government tyranny.

Is that a decent summary?

Are there other reasons to own an advanced weapon with the ability to kill many people in a short timeframe?

I am not trying to bait. I am trying to reach outside my usual circle of friends (frankly, liberal suburban mothers) to increase my own understanding of a complex issue.

I really appreciate attempts to explain a different point of view.

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Re: "Assault" weapons


The term "Assualt Rifle/Weapon" has no true definition. It is a term that became popular during the 80's and 90's with politicians and news reporters, generally those considered to occupy a leftist viewpoint. It really gained traction after the attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan which left James Brady paralyzed from the waist down.It was meant to evoke fear, and elicit an emotional reponse, in a broad spectrum of society that had/have no formal training, or education, in the use of firearms.
Subsequent to the failed assasination attempt, an Act, known as the Brady Act, or Bill,was passed. Banniing, by make and manufacturer, specific weapons deemed to be "Assault Weapons". This list was compiled by politicians. The list was also indicative of a frustrated position of key Congressman, and Senators, whom wanted not a list, but an expanded definition, which at the time would have essentially made it illegal to own virtually any firearm in the US. They knew it,a nd they admitted publicly that their position was to ban all gun ownership, by all citizens, of any type of firearm in the US.
Since that time, other that Roe vs. Wade,a nd Griswold vs. Connecticut, no other piece of legislation has been as controversial.
Time and again the same politicians that wanted to ban gun ownership outright, have tried to ammend this bill to facilitate their initial objective. Each time there have been big legal fights against them led by groups that support their Second Ammendmant rights. it's a siege mentality on both sides, and neither can, or will yield.

Do I think that people really need to own high capacity autoloading pistols and rifles? No I don't . However, because of the inclusive definition some of our elected representatives want to adopt into law to define the term "Assault Weapon", I must support their right, to retain my right to own any of the shotguns I currently own, and not be made into a Felon the day the legislation is passed.
Every firearm I own is legally obtained, and registered in Connecticut. All are registered with the state. I'm not a survivalist, doomsday, whacko, or a gun nut. I'm just a guy that wants to retain his right to hunt birds with my dogs.

Ironically enough, in the Newtown tragedy, one very fundamental law was broken by the shooters own mother.
In the state of Connecticut the storage and securing of fireams inside your own home is subject to regulation All Firearms must be stored with tamper proof trigger locks, or locked, in a safe to prevent the unathorized use of the firearm. This specifically is intended for households with underage, minor, children. Anyone less than 21 years of age.

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Re: "Assault" weapons

The Assault weapons are not the problem, you can do just as much with a hand gun if you wanted to. And if the were not leagal I wouldn't be able to own a weapon, but I am sure some one who wanted to kill people would still be able to get one. There are a lot of things that are against the law that are very easily purchased. I like my right to own a fire arm and I hope I never loose that right.

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Re: "Assault" weapons

Are our lives in the Uk any worse for not owning guns??
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Re: "Assault" weapons

If your wanting to know if any members own semiautomatic firearms, and some of the reasoning for owning. We own them in pistol and rifle form. We also own a business. Nothing like having the alarm go off at 2 in the morning. Your husband puts on a ballistic vest, picks ups his gun and heads out the door into the night.
My husband and son/daughter are avid shooters and just like to go shoot targets. Its a skill that hopefully they will never need other than for hunting.
Our guns are not just left out, they stay in a gun safe when not in use. Only my husband and I know the combination.

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Re: "Assault" weapons

Originally Posted by Vida
Are our lives in the Uk any worse for not owning guns??
I doubt it.
(At least you can get real malt vinegar for your fish and chips there. Our vinegar in the US sucks for fish and chips. I haven't had decent fish and chip since I left Scotland in 1984.;D)
From what little I do understand about the UK ,and guns, Gun ownership is allowed, but there are high fee's, or taxes??? associated with it?

If you feel you're not any worse off, you're not.

You'll never beat a lesson into a dog, you just beat desire out.
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