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Re: Question for allergy sufferers...and exercise

The electric fence is a good idea, and most Vizsla's figure it out very fast. It makes things a lot safer for your dog. It also makes transitioning to an e-collar easier, if you decide to go that route, for training.If you do start with a Contain and Train system. It will save you some $$ in the future by not having to have two seperate systems. Innotek makes one, IUC 5100 for example, that will easily fit your needs.
A 1/2 acre is a good sized yard for a V to blow off steam in. I have about 1 acre( 2 total) e-fenced, that borders a stream and woods, and mine have a heckuva time out there. A Vizsla will dig up the ground going after moles and chipmunks.

You'll never beat a lesson into a dog, you just beat desire out.
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