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Re: Question for allergy sufferers...and exercise

hello "future vizsla owner"! welcome to the WONDERFUL world of vizslas!!! ;D

first let me tell you..getting a vizsla will be the most rewarding decision you'll ever make. they are more than just beautiful and smart dogs.

so, i am a fellow allergy sufferer..and although no dog breed is truly 'hypoallergenic', vizslas are almost as close as they come. i have never had ANY problems with my allergies.

now the big question is about all this energy you've read about. 1st rule with any dog is exercise, exercise, exercise! with a vizsla you're going to need to spend more time exercising (whether it be off leash, or on leash) than you would with, say a yorkie...but they aren't insane. if you have a large back yard or an off leash dog park nearby, where your dog can romp around with doggy friends, this is ideal. we take our 19 month old female V to the dog park about 5 times a week for at least an hour and she's good to go. of course, i don't want to down play a vizsla's energy level! but vizslas want to have jobs and if you can exercise their minds, you'll go ALOT farther than just trying to wear them down constantly. hope this helps!

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