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Question for allergy sufferers...and exercise

Hello! My husband and I are thinking about getting a Vizsla! However, I do have some questions/concerns. I was wondering if there is anyone with allergies that also owns a Vizsla? I have read so many different things regarding this topic and I would really love to know how an allergy sufferer deals with it (My husband is allergic).

My other question is about exercise. Realistically, how much a day would I need to exercise him without creating a complex for the dog? We are both teachers; therefore, we leave fairly early and come home around 3:30ish; however, there are days that we have to stay later. My husband is probably more active than I am--I know he would do what needs to be done. I'm just hoping I can! I'm nervous about the energy level. Do you find they are completely exhausting? Can you have any life at all? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks.
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