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biting and jumping!

My vizsla Ted is 9 weeks old now. We had some problems as stated in other threads but they have now been sorted thanks to other people's advice

However when Ted wakes up, has a meal or when he gets excited, he chases, jumps on people and bites anyone, ripping clothes and breaking the skin! We have tried to be firm, push him off gently and shout "NO" but as soon as he gets off...he does it again and takes no notice. We have tried to calm him down and encourage safe play with other toys but there are moments during the day when he just bites and bites us. We are out of our wits! He is well behaved 75% of the time and rather loving and just wants to lick us, We just do not like the biting moments.

We have also tried leash training but all Ted does is take notice of the leash and tries to bite it off.

If there are any would be highly appreciated. Many thanks!
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