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Re: Jumping up on people

Jasper is horribly, obnoxiously jumpy. It started when some drunk friends of mine gave him lots of love and cuddles when he jumped on them as a puppy (I was not in the room at the time, and I had even lectured them on this!). It hasn't gotten better since, and he's a year old! We're slowly working on it, but it's a rough habit to break, particularly so because he won't jump on me at all, so I have to enlist a brave (sometimes jock-strapped :) soul to give me a hand. He gets so excited about people--he loves, loves, loves them! He'll ignore food for them completely--even the really good stuff. Once a girl in the street thought I was holding him to the side of the sidewalk because he was going to attack her. In her defense, it was dark, but he wasn't growling or barking, just whining and pulling towards her. Ha! Attack her with lots of V love, maybe.

Certain people are jump-worthy, others not. I have not figured it out. Same goes for face licking. It's interesting what dogs see in certain people.

I've been told Vizslas are particularly "springy" dogs, in that a lot of them seem to have jumping issues. But yes, certainly, many dogs jump. I try to take it as a compliment (since I know it just means they're excited to see me and want to say hi!), but it is difficult if it's persistent.
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