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Re: Does your V like to sleep under covers?

Originally Posted by threefsh
We swore that Riley wouldn't sleep in bed with us... fast forward a couple months. Let's just say she prefers to be under the covers and it is dangerous to get up and go to the bathroom because she is a pillow thief.
I should go back and have a look at your posts, I have a feeling I may have made a snide remark about not letting your V in bed with you!!!

I never had dogs sleep inside the house prior to having the Vizslas. Always allowed them inside, but at night, they went out the back into their kennel. All be it with a warm coat in winter. I couldn't have my baby Cocker Spaniels cold after all. But, when I got Ozkar, I was quite ill. So I spent a lot of time in bed while my wife was at work. I was quite debilitated and had no physical strength. So if Ozkar got into bed, I really wasn't able to get him back out without considerable physical pain and effort. So, he stayed in bed. At the end of the day, I would not have it any other way. I love waking up and having those beautiful yellow eyes staring at me in the early morning light. I love waking up and finding the soft ears of a Vizsla draped across my face. I love rolling over in the middle of the night, half asleep, feeling the soft coat of Ozkar or Astro or Zsa Zsa under my palm, or against my leg, back, feet, face, stomach! I may be a sad individual in others eyes, but ****, it's not about anyone else but me and my dogs.

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