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how long do you walk you vizsla for

how long on average every day do u walk your vizsla for? i normally give him a 1 hour walk in the morning and then another in the evening.
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

Hey Donnne,

Not sure if you're still around, but I would estimate that our little guy gets at least 3 miles a day. Time wise I'd say on a weekday he gets out for 2 1/2 hours of extended walking.
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

I plan to walk my pup for 30 minutes in the morning and then go for a long run every afternoon (this will be a walk until he gets old enough to run).

I love my Vizsla!
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

We run her 3-3 1/2 miles every other day and i take her to the dog park to socialize/run for about 1-2 hours 3-4 times a week. We wear her out though--she comes home and sleeps for hours.

Lauren and Ritz
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

Not always in this order, but on average, Kaiser is walked for 1/2 hour in the morning, has breakfast, then is walked for about 2 hours in the early afternoon, mostly off the lead and running/chasing for about 5 miles, then has another 1/2 walk in the evening before having his dinner.

After a late night sprinkle to empty his bladder, he normally snores his way through to 6am for yet another days mischief.
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

I understand what can happen if your V doesn't get enough exercise. However, I'm going to ask the question that some have probably wondered before but not had the nerve to ask for fear of reprimand for not being responsible. I hope asking will prove that's not my intention / goal...but rather to have a happy k9 in all respects...that said...lets say you find yourself busy, very busy and the time you normally spend with your dog suffers. ...I know it will very from dog to dog but what's the minimum level of exercise a V can get by on without having behavior problems crop up?

for example: if they get 15 minutes in the morning fetch in the back yard and 15 minutes off leach in the evening will it absolutely chew the legs off the couch?

I appreciate the feedback sans the "you shouldn't get or be privileged enough to own a V" response. I'm just asking an honest question and don't want to be strung up by my toes for having the nerve. Thanks.

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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

well if you are busy there is nothing you can do 15 minutes will have to do.there are days when mine dont get out of the back yard.but let me tell you this,if your dog gets toys to play with and a real bone every so often and do get your attention they can be happy with that. As long as you get them out for an uninterupted hour the next day and a walk too then you should be ok.V's can be happy being couch potatoes,but not for to long.they are and let me stress this with the utmost importance a very energetic breed of dog.mine know that they are going to the park before i even tell them or grab my jacket.Its like they can read my mind,its almost scary.all they really want to do is when it comes down to brass tacks if it was up to them it would be twice a day for two hours a day.thats what they can do it is up to you to give them what you can.mine go to park early and late so they can run off leash and chase birds and moles they love it.
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

When I am working my 8-1/2 year old V gets a half hour walk in the morning and then runs around in the back yard for the rest of the day. Five days a week she seems pretty content with this. In the weekend she gets at least one long walk/run.

Sometimes during the day my wife is at home and sometimes the V is home on her own between 8:30am to 3:30pm. If this is the case then sometimes I try to come home for lunch. During these long periods at home is when the MISCHIEF happens. My gumboots are now half as high, sometimes we get the odd hole in the lawn and the washing can come off the line. Everytime something like this happens I ask the V was it you and she just smiles and says I'm glad your home. :-* She has never done any serious house damage.

She does whine and bark a bit when separated from the family. 1notenough said somewhere that 1 is the loneliest number and he is probably right but 2 must be like a tornado!

I always work in some training to the morning walk. So 90% of the things she has learnt have been done during Mon to Fri. I can now get her to walk at heel without the lead fairly consistently. Come, wait, stay, sit, down, stand, shake all work too. I also have some hunting commands. I always try to finish with a game. They really like learning new stuff. I think this helps work their mind.
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

As someone who field trials, I don't believe the average person walking their dog could run long/fast enough to adequetley exercise a fully grown V. When we train for Nationals/Championship stakes, we rode the dogs off of atv's/horses for 30-60 minutes 3-4 times a week. A V can run faster than I feel safe cornerning an ATV, they can easily reach speeds of 20-25 miles per hour and maintain these speeds for long periods of time with the correct conditioning.

I do not advise somone to rode their puppy as they are still developing, generally we just let a few of them out on the field (30 acres fenced) and watch them play/tackle each other. I've always believed two V's are better than one as they help each other run off some of their energy. Never really had a problem with the desctuction in the house with a V, but our current one is a female and matured quite a bit faster than our previous male.

V's have developed into a much bigger running/less of a close working dogs over the last 20 years and it's apparent by the decrease in overall size as well as the increased exercise they need. V's are even winning field comps agaisnt German Short Hairs which did not happen even 15 years ago on a regular basis.

It's great you're getting out for an hour with yours a day, what great exercise!

Good luck,
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Re: how long do you walk you vizsla for

my v's are more runners then walkers, my mom walks them [i]some[i] times but we mostly do other forms of activity, like i'd run around our house and they'd chase me, then when i go swimming lili chases me for hours, what fun ;D
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