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Re: Food choice for new V owner

You can do research on your own (lots of threads re: food on this forum), and you can also use sites such as dogfoodanalysis and dogfoodadvisor for investigation. There are some foods of higher quality that are within $10 of a 20lb bag of Eukanuba. Some prices depend on the retailer; however, feeding quantity tends to lessen with better foods. If your dog is thriving, it is a hard choice, but if I could swing it, I would choose a different food. Natures balance is a good food in a similar price range. Go! Natural Grain Free is superior and within $10. Blue Buffalo & other manufacturers often offer coupons. Also, Pet Smart will tell you (at least ours does) when reps for certain brands will be at the store. The reps tend to love giving out coupons for their product.
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