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Re: Is my vizsla to small/Thin?

he'll be getting his first satin balls tonight. Did I mention he actually just gained 2 - 3 lbs?

In case you need the receipe or how to mix it all up.

Bailey for "the show" two weeks ago got feed about 8 pounds of Satin Balls in 5 days. This was while he was with the person I sent him to for "handling lessons" the week before the show in Reno.

She said he refused his normal kibble once he got to eat his fill of Satin Balls. He filled out nicely.

Before he left he was 59 pounds. Afterwards he was 63. The four pounds made a difference. Now back at home and running the hills again, he is back at his "huntin' weight" of about 60. He is 24 inches tall.


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