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Re: Is my vizsla to small/Thin?

When I needed to put weight on my dog, I bought a big bag of puppy chow (Kirkland -- from Costco), just because puppy chow has more calories. One bag was all he needed to cover up his ribs.

There are many eating incentives you can use. Try putting a tablespoon or two of water-pack tuna, plus a little warm water, onto Molly's kibble. Or you can use mashed up sardines; dogs like smelly things. There is a special treat for dogs called "Satin Balls" but this involves making them yourself, and I don't know if you are willing to do that. Anyhow, I am going to post a link just below to a thread from a couple of months ago. Maybe you will find it helpful. ---

A number of forum members have offered good advice there. My previous dog was diabetic, and so it was very important for her to eat the same number of calories at every meal, right before her insulin shot. I learned how to tempt her into eating. Good luck with Molly!

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