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Is my vizsla to small/Thin?


I have a 1 year old female vizsla her name is molly. Shes not much of an eater, I tried different food, pro plan, eukanuba, bill jacks, blue buffalo, everything i think she might like, I just can't get her to gain weight or eat regularly.

shes about 22-23 inches tall but shes about the most i think 35-38 pounds. She is pretty active, she gets to run around off leash at the dog park 45-mins at least on most days, i take her for a 30 min job in the mornings sometimes, she gets to go to the dog beach to swim, over all shes an active dog. It seems like shes just a bad eater, I'm even pondering to just buy fresh meat and feed her this. lately i've been buying some healthy beef sauseage like meat and my wife mixes this with about 3 eggs and she's been eating that...

any ideas on how i can make her gain a little bit more weight? something i think she looks malnourished, i dont' like that her ribs show. i think her weight for bodyframe should be from 45-50 pounds?

what do you guys feed your vizlas, or whats the food that's worked for you guy, thank you
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