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We use Orijen and sometimes Acana too, to mix different flavors. I read the articles and have to say found them very poorly written from a scientific PoV, especially the first one. No further information was provided about the the cases they were quoting i terms of age, lifestyle, supplements, other health issues, have they always been on that food type or just shortly, partially, what kind of treats provided etc and only some about breed shared in the second article. Furthermore no statistics about how many other heart failure cases are around where the dog was NOT on grain free diet and again how many from those breeds. So for me personally it reads half-baked, if even that much.

I m not saying that it is not possible to have a correlation, just don`t see the scientific evidence yet based on these articles.

My dogs have shiny coats, lean muscles, strong nails, swim and run daily and compete regularly, no itchy skin, no ear infection or other allergies so far. They have been on these brands since they were weened and breeder have used these for many years with no issues. Their treats are salmon, dried anchovies, turkey, beef and chicken heart, blueberries, carrots, sweet potato, banana, apple etc, either home made or freeze dried, 100% types. Time will tell, but post our discussions with our breeder came to the conclusion, that as long as we see them thriving as they do now we both keep our dogs on this type of diet.
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