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Counter cruising is surprisingly both a common complaint and one of the most difficult to address b/c it plays inot their natural curiosity too much. My second V did this, and after trying everything, I just accepted this as part of who he is and let it go.

They are very curious, so the counter top is irresistible to some. You can do two things: Try picking him up and letting him see what's up there, sniff it, etc. Make sure there's nothing that could be of any interest to him, btw. The other thing is to make sure there's nothing up there...ever..that could excite him and reinforce this behavior.

You can try freaking out and really yelling at him(or spraying him, etc) when he does this, but it won't likely work. Your best bet is to let him see and sniff, and make sure there's no reason for him to continue and just hope.
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