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Bende has not touched anything belonging to a human since he turned 4 months... but then again he was terrible in the crate so ended up spending lots of time outside of it as a pup and picked up all the rules quickly. He got his crate acceptance more than when he turned around 1.5 years (!). Bende has been a gulper, but his original slow feeder still look like new.

Miksa s learning slowly but nicely not to touch human stuff but still on and off. Mostly when he touches them he would just bring them to u, never damaged anything on purpose, he knocked down stuff though. On the other hand he has destroyed already 5 slow feeders in a row, kind of telling us that he does not need any, since he eats slowly anyways. Miksa has been perfect in his crate from day 1...

so i guess there is a price for everything.
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