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Transition Outside of Crate

Hey All,

Looking for some suggestions on how to transition from in the crate while away to roaming around the house.

Jaxson is now 16 months, he stays in his crate when I am gone. When I am home, he roams as he pleases. At night he sleeps with me till he wants then goes to his crate on his own. When he's out he never gets into anything, doesn't chew anything other than his toys. But when I leave him in his crate with ANY type of bedding, I come back and he's chewed holes or eaten out padding/foam. This makes me think he's not ready. Oddly enough when he stays at my parents they leave his bedding in the entire time and he doesn't do anything to it?

Are there any tests or proper ways to transition your V to outside of the crate home alone?

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