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^^^ I have to agree with Clara T's statement.

All our dogs the past 20+ years have always been crated trained and slept in our bedroom. Two labs and now our first V.....9-mo old male Milo.

As a matter of fact two books by The Monks of New Skete (The Art of Raising a Puppy and How to be your Dogs Best Friend) "recommend" that your dogs sleep in your bedroom. Both of my labs used to be tethered to the bed post with an 8' lead and slept in a blanket. And now our male V sleeps in the crate full time. We used to have to lock the crate door. But now he simply goes into the crate on his own with the door open all night. He never jumps on the bed or ever sleeps directly with us.

I'm no expert by any means on this subject natter. But it's my understanding that all dogs want to sleep with "their pack". And I would assume, given V's personality traits, would want to sleep with us. I could be wrong. But our male V has been an absolute treat at night and has slept clean through the night for months now.

Btw: we had our male V professionally trained since 8-weeks old and there are many ways to deal with separation anxiety. One we have been taught is to not say goodbye to them and flower them with love hugs and kisses directly when leaving. We've been instructed to say goodbye to them and play with them 10-minutes prior to leaving the house. And then when you're ready to leave (10-15 minutes later) simply walk out the door without hugging and kissing, etc. Has worked for us flawlessly. And when they are scared for whatever reason do not grope or coddled them to death. Simply stand tall and put them alongside you or behind you. Again, this has helped immensely with our V during training exercises or at home when greeting new people at the door, etc.

I strongly recommend seeking professional help while your V is young and nipping in the bud now...if you haven't done so already. FWIW

Hope this helps......
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