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I think you may have positively reinforced the crying by going to calm him every now and then, he could have thought that you will be going with him at some point if he howlls.
As mentioned by @skillingsworth y would move him inside the bedroom and put some smelly clothes, something old that really smells like you (no socks, my V ate two of them, better if it can not be swallowed). But if nothing works -and I know this might be not very well recieved but for desperate times, desperate actions- you can have a water spray bottle by your side and spray him every time he howlls. But you need to be very careful to not make the crate an unpleasent experience, only spray him right at the time of the crying, never when he gets inside it, on the contrary, reward him every time he gets there. Timing is essential so it may take a couple of tiring nights more, he needs to learn that the spray comes when howlling beggins, so use the water right when he starts. You have to take some time to reward the silence moments too, if you hear silence give him a soft, kind word (not so much so he doesent get to excited, just the necesary for him to feel he did good) and maybe a treat. If after the reward he cryes... water, silence... reward and so on.

Also remmember that Vizslas are very sensitive, so the less he looks the bottle the best, because after that he might be affraid to spray bottles and they are very useful.

Again, some people may find this as a not very kind method, but if getting in the crate is not the problem and he actually can be in it, the problem is the sleeping time, so...

The other thing is just to not put attention AT ALL, not even talk or look at him and wait some more nights.

Oh and ideally you shouldn't move the crate until he learn to sleep there perfectly.

I hope this is usefull and you can sleep good again.
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