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Originally Posted by Garvs View Post
I've had good luck with Taste of the Wild too. Any flavor. ALSO...recently I had discussed here about impacted anal sacs so I did some research and a very high recommendation was canned pumpkin for fiber to increase size of stool. My God this stuff is amazing! She LOVES it added to her food and her poops grew 3 times that day! lol Haven't had to have her anal sacs expressed since <fingers crossed>

You may want to add fiber and pumpkin is terrific. The brand I use is Nummy-Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin. Can't recommend enough. Good luck!
It sounds like Taste of the Wild is a good one to try as a few people on this thread have had luck with the brand! Pumpkin has also been suggested a few times, so we will try that as well! Thank you for your feedback.
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