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What Do You Feed Your V?

My 18 month Old Rogan has always had issues with loose stools. In any given potty walk, his first stool is usually normal or somewhat normal, but is often followed by progressively softer stools that end up as liquid (sorry for the gross description). He has had stool testing and does not have a parasites. We have tried a variety if different hard foods, the most recent being Purina Sensitive Skin & Stomach salmon and rice and Origin Six Fish. He tends to like fish mixes and they keep his coat nice. Has anyone had the same problem and found a food that negates the soft/liquid stools? Our vet says it is normal for a dog to have soft/liquid stools if he gets excited that the stool passes through too quickly, but he has this issue in cases where he is not overstimulated.

We also have issues with him getting bored of the hard kibbles and not eating enough. Even if he has been running for hours ad is hungry, if we give him kibble on its own he may just sniff it and walk away. My husband has been mixing soft food with various meat types (Wellness brand) into his kibbles to make him eat, but I am unsure about the healthiness of the soft food- both for his teeth and his stomach. Sometimes if we do not have soft food on hand, we sprinkle a bit of cheese in the mix. But I try not to do that if possible given his stool problem. We used to supplement his diet with venison, but ran out of meat and my husband did not a get another deer this year. Has anyone else had problems with a picky eater? What was your solution?
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