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hotmischief 06-07-2012 10:01 AM

What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Last weekend we were enjoying a walk in Windsor Great Park and within 10 minutes of the dogs running and playing in long grass Boris was covered in Bumps and I mean covered. We thought he must have run through a bunch on nettles.

Bye the time we got home 45 minutes later most of the bumps had gone. However, the next morning we came down to find him covered in bumps again. His nose and ears were twice the size and his eyes all red. We took him to the emergency vet (these things always happen on public holidays). Yet again the bumps had virtually disappeared, with the exception of his ears and eyes. The vet said it was probably a secondary reaction to whatever had caused it the day before. He gave him a steriod injection and a piriton.

Since then we have some bumps on his body, an extra pink nose and thick and red ears and eyes. Piriton seems to abate the symptoms. I now realise the red around the eyes(which he quite frequently has) which I thought was due to tiredness was obviously due to an allergy. On the Piriton his eyes have no redness and the lower lid is tight.

Today we went to see our own vet. He thinks that the incident at the weekend was due to something he ingested and is still clearing his system. So we keep him on 2 - 3 Piriton a day for a week. Then we need to try and notice things in his enviroment that might be causing the red eyes.

I have checked back on some earlier posts on the forum on allergies. Being a first time V owner I wonder if some of you who have Vs with allergies could give me a few hints on what your Vs are allergic to. Ozkar the grass is in seed, along with everything else at the moment - did you get anywhere with your grass theory? He is not particularly itchy or uncomfortable so it may not be skin related.

I only use non toxic cleaning products and will change my washing detergent to an eco friendly one as they are milder. What else should I be looking to change or remove???

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

flynnandlunasmom 06-07-2012 10:12 AM

Re: What is is Vizsla allergic to?????Please
Hi there,

Sorry you're dealing with this! I have posted before that we have experienced the bumps (hives) too. We had a lot of tests done at the Vet and we did food elimination diets and we never could find out what it was. For Flynn, it's seasonal. Happens every spring and we're pretty much convinced it's something growing. We don't think it's food, even though the Vet originally thought so because nothing changed in his diet when the bumps started. We did a lot of cool, oatmeal-wash baths, Benadryl and when it got so bad we were worried about his throat swelling we did have to do a short course of Prednisone. It would come and go but it went away completely after a couple of weeks each time.

Vizsla Baby 06-07-2012 11:02 AM

Re: What is it Vizsla allergic to?????Please
We are having the same problem, I posted about 2 weeks ago about it.

I think its grass. We haven't taken Sadie back out to our farm (been waiting for the grass to be cut & turned to hay). She hasn't broken out since she was last out there.

We might go out tonight & we'll see what happens. If she breaks out - then bingo - it's the tall hay grass.

Sadie has been put on 50 mg of Benadryl twice a day.

hotmischief 06-07-2012 11:03 AM

Re: What is it Vizsla allergic to?????Please
Thanks Flynn - that's very interesting. Our vet advised against running any test for a while as he said it was unlikely the tests would show up anything conclusive. They test for about 100 things - so it is rather a lucky dip as to whether the one he is allergic to is one of the things they test for!!

I suspect that Boris's red eyes are probably seasonal, but we will have to wait and see.

How long do Flynns symptoms last and I am presumming your talking about spring time.

His breeder was very helpful, although she had no experience of allergies, she suspected something like pollen.

Thanks for replying

hotmischief 06-07-2012 11:15 AM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Vizsla Baby - that is very interesting - I am keeping him away from the fields where I keep the horses and am trying to walk them over heathland for the next few weeks, to see whether that helps.

I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what happens when you take Sadie back out to the farm.

Just a thought, my vet was saying a lot of dogs, like horses are allergic to rape seed (which is in bloom at the moment)/ or grenola if your an aussie. That might be something else for you to consider.

Thank you for posting.

flynnandlunasmom 06-07-2012 11:26 AM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Hotmischief, I do think the tests were kind of a waste. It came back with a few things he was HIGHLY allergic to but he hadn't been exposed to those things (i.e. plants that only grow in Texas and live in Massachusetts). We even took him to a doggie-Dermatologist and still got nowhere.

We suspect it may be grass as well, the long grass when it is seeding. But we're not completely convinced.

In total, the whole episode would happen for about 3-4 weeks, but in that time the hives would come and go. Sometimes lasting for hours. Benadryl helped at first but eventually wasn't working so we had to do Prednisone (which we hated to do because of the nasty side effects). But, it's a short course and it does help.

The dermatology Vet felt that it was an autoimmune related allergy in Flynn's case, as he has had other autoimmune issues over the years. The fact that the Benadryl didn't really help but the Prednisone did was the thing that made him think this. Plus, this spring the hives didn't happen and it was not really a surprise because Flynn was on an immuno-suppressant for an illness he developed in the fall. So basically, the meds stopped the allergic reaction from happening.

It does not sound like your Boris, or Sadie have an autoimmune allergy related issue though, since they respond to the Benadryl. My boy is just a handful, I guess :)

flynnandlunasmom 06-07-2012 11:32 AM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
By the way, I'm no expert and I don't want to mislead anyone. From what I understand, all allergies are autoimmune related. So, what I meant is that, in Flynn's case his reaction may have been worse because he has been diagnosed with auto-immue disease - and the symptoms only went away when he was on immuno-suppressive drugs. That' snto the case if the dog responds to Bendaryl.

hobbsy1010 06-07-2012 11:52 AM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Hotmischeif, we had a red sore rash with Brook. Which went in to a yellow green spotty rash, we treated it with tea tree oil and aloe vera, along with washing the skin. We put it down to the long grass and the algae forming in the water, effecting the young skin.(All the Vizsla puppies around at the time had the same rash, even from different litters)

Brook had severe hives after eating a mushroom(found at side of the road), which needed emergency vet treatment for poisoning, and took several weeks to clear up, which we treated with oatmeal wash. One of the hives he itch so much it caused some damage on the end of his tail, resulting in a bald patch, which splits.

We have also seen him getting the face and ear swelling from house dust mites, he got behind some furniture twice, and on each occasion the lumpy hives appeared. treated with piriton.

We had previously gone through hives turning in to face severe swelling with our daughter, they ran test on her and found no real allergy's, slight mould and dust mites, but hardly a reaction.

It seems to be a combination of feeling unwell soar throat and some thing else. The doctors thought it might be the medicine? So all she is allowed is liquid calpol. She has had reactions after taken tablet paracetamol and ibuprofen. She actually had a reaction yesterday, and after taking piriton, taking a shower and changing her clothes it went away quickly.

The point being they grow out of it (usually) so if its not too severe, Know how to treat it and live with it or avoid it.

Mrs Hobbsy

hotmischief 06-07-2012 02:10 PM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Thanks Mrs Hobbsy - how did you know that it was house mites? Areas where you can't vacuum regularly? I think I might rule that out because our living room has just been redecorated and the carpets professionally cleaned, everything moved and cleaned - so I hope it has minimised the little critters.

I think the vet feels that the huge reaction he had over the bank holiday was down to something like a mouldy mushroom that he had eaten :o But he wasn't ill or itchy.

I certainly hope he grows out of it and as you say we will learn to manage it, but I would like to try and narrow it down to something like dust mites, pollen, detergent - what ever.

Thank you for your post and it does help to know that you have been there with Brook. I hope your daughter has now out grown her allergies.

Coya 06-07-2012 04:22 PM

Re: What is it Your Vizsla is allergic to?????Please
Coya has been having similar issues. Hives popping up here and there out of the blue. We think that she has a grass allergy. We have been treating with benedryl.

A simple tip that has seemed to help is giving her a quick washing with the hose after taking her into the trails/tall grass areas near where we are.

Another huge issue we've been having is the high levels of bacteria in the ponds. She has just started taking a liking to the water and has had 2 staph infections in her hair follicles. Poor pup. We have been paying close attention to the water we allow her to swim in...trying to keep it to fresh, moving water.

Good luck with your V...hope you figure out the allergies soon.

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