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I'm lost. Allergy/Hives or something else

I haven't been able to read everyone's response so I apologize if this has been stated or rebuffed already but I wanted to share my story.

My husband and I have a 2 year old vizsla and when she was 6 mo old and experienced her first spring/summer she got bumps that looked exactly like your pup... With Benadryl and a little time the bumps went down and we chalked it up to spring allergies. The following spring the bumps returned and with help from our vet we tried a few medications, special shampoo, adding coconut oil then olive oil to her diet, switching the type of meat source in her food (we were feeding her a grain free good dry food). Nothing was working. By January I was concerned that the bumps were still there in the dead of winter. Our pup isn't irritated by the bumps but to me the bumps meant she wasn't healthy.

Then after a lot of research we discovered that the brand of dog food we were feeding her goes through a company called diamond which sources meat products from China/elsewhere and that seemed so strange to me. But actually there are a ton of what I considered good quality dog foods that now outsource to diamond. So we switched Remi to orijen dog food which is a Canadian brand and does not outsource anything. After three weeks her bumps were completely gone, it's been six weeks now and we're still going strong. I don't know how to explain this other than I think she needed ridiculously high quality food. It worked for us, it may or may not work for others. But we struggled with this for so long and unfortunately our vet wasn't able to help so I wanted to share this story!

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Re: I'm lost. Allergy/Hives or something else

Of course, consult the vet before giving zyrtec (or whatever). We had him in to the vet at least 3 times for bumps, and this was at her recommendation (after benedryl did not work). The dosage was the same as benedryl by weight, but definitely confirm with an expert. She also recommended and antimicrobal shampoo to prevent infection. The thing is, it could be anything causing them, and it is really hard to figure out. Other advice we received was to wipe the dog down after he was outdoors, as it could be from a grass or chemicals in a grass. We already were doing grain free quality food.

My point is, I would talk with the vet about a different OTC medicine before trying steroids. Our breeder thought a steroid shot was a good idea, our vet disagreed. Others take a different approach, but the vet said if they aren't itching, spreading, or painful we should avoid being too aggressive in treatment. Allergy testing was something we thought about, but it is expensive and might not have been conclusive, so we decided to wait and see.
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Re: I'm lost. Allergy/Hives or something else

I appreciate everyone's inputs and suggestions. My pup is on his new diet that I mentioned.its been 3 days he's been eating sweet potato and fish, and I see a tremendous difference. I also picked up prednisone and cetirizine, to speed up recovery. Keflex I am gonna hold of, the bumps don't seem to be infected. I am hoping for a full recovery within a week. I thank you all once again
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Re: I'm lost. Allergy/Hives or something else

My five year old boy has the same thing and it is accompanied by frequent ear infections

we have spent two years changing his diet, doing elimination diets, trying OTC allergy meds, lots of vet visits etc.

In addition to the hives, he also has a skin condition called sebaceous adenitis, which causes his hair to fall out (yeah he's a total mess).

We have finally decided to switch him to a raw diet, because we believe (the vet, the dermatologist and us) that the ear infections and what appear to be hives are being caused by both an allergy to something that is not food related an possibly yeast issues (which are being fuelled by the dry dog food)

Our vet does not want to put him on a steroid or other prescription medication before we have exhausted all other possible solutions.

so besides the raw diet, he also gets an Omega 6 oil supplement, a Vitamin E, and Vitamin A supplement everyday and once a week he gets a shower using Vetoquinol Care shampoo, which is a medicated shampoo that is antibacterial and anti fungal and helps with removing any crusts or scales that form.

The shampoo has helped a lot with the skin problems as has the switch to the raw diet. The picture above was taken about five minutes ago. he is due a shampoo, the bumps pretty much disappear after the shampoo for a few days.

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Lots of Hives!

Hi there! I know that this post was some time ago, but did you ever determine what these hives were caused from? My dog has those identical bumps. Benadryl did not work at all for him and they didn't want to put him on a steroid being that he is only 8 months.
The vet says it's an allergy, but we have no idea what from. Just curious if you ever figured it out. I would love to know!
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I think this is a super common Vizsla problem! Our 8 month old gets them too, not as bad but they get worse the more he has them. He's been on Raw for a while now as he had some Poo Problems and now we've just been eliminating and testing which supplements and proteins to see which cause it - if any! Our vet said most people jump to food first, but more often than not it is an environmental reaction. She's also hesitant to give him any steroid as he's quite young and said once he's a year we can revisit and see if they've gotten worse and actually send him to a specialist. Some dogs grow out of it.

It's pretty impossible to figure out what it is unless you've got lot's of time, patience and money aha, but we're in it for the long haul! Same thing for Banjo, they seem purely cosmetic as they don't seem to bother him. But he does have dry skin which we use coconut oil on.

If you figure out the magic answer, let us know!
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My 6 month old experiences the same bumps (although not quite as severe) after visiting a local dog park after a rain. Normally
they come up pretty quick. When I start seeing the bumps I give him a bath with medicated shampoo. By the next morning most
bumps have all but disappeared.
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I have had 3 V's... 2 have been allergic to chicken...
My first v, I started feeding her lamb, which was an easy switch... eliminated chicken completely, and she cleared up right away.

my current v has just developed signs of allergy... I have now eliminated chicken from his diet, and he is showing signs of improvement.

My vet told me chicken has one of the highest protein contents, and besides... chickens are pumped so full of additives...
I seriously do not believe ORGANIC... makes any difference in regard to this allergy.... Maybe it is just a V thing

just my 2 cents

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I am in the same exact boat with my girl and at a loss at what do next. We did steroids twice, but as soon as the steroids were out of her system, the hives came right back. :-(
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