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Re: Very Aggressive Behaviour… towards People AND dogs!

You are all so supportive! Coda was nuteured at 9 months old.. he was showing "uncalled for" behaviours around other dogs. But, he was just the nicest and sweetest dog until about 4 mths ago. The aggression began when my father came to visit us, entered our home, and coda did not like this. He was fine after about 3-4 minutes after meeting him. Again, this happens now if someone comes to our home (only certain people), it can be on walks, on leash, off leash( but we dont let him off leash now if we see others) and even in the car when we are passing a person he is not into or even a dog. Remember, this doesn't happen everytime.. just who he feels he wants to bark at.

We are doing sublime training, so positive rfn, calmness etc… but it is ALWAYS. Every second of the day we have to be on him. .So thats what I meant about intensive. Maybe just intensive for us!

I am happy to say that my father in law arrived yesterday, and Coda was amazing. We were advised to put a soft muzzle on him when greeting dad, and we did. They met outside and all was good. We were so proud. Things can easily change though… as of today he is doing well..
We are trying to keep in in "low stress" zone… calming methods. The vet is away and we are looking into getting a thyroid test done on him next week. Luckily we have insurance!
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