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Yes, they are all velcro.

There's a difference btwn "Coddling"..which is unnecessary indulgence which inhibits self confidence, self soothing, and mastery..and basic caregiving.

So, if you take him outside and he's timid, you should offer reassurance and praise, not rush over and remove him from the learning situation.

If he's crying in his crate or pen, you should ignore it (as long as it's not a potty cry).

If he's just sitting there and wants to be picked up and smooched or cuddled, go for it! If he follows you around, pay attention to him! They have emotional needs, meet them. A V that feels confident and safe in it's person's adoration of him will do absolutely anything in the world for you.

The difference in both is the context...what the expectations are and his well as your control. You should always be in control, determining when it's OK and when it's not..he shouldn't be bullying you.
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