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Re: Very Aggressive Behaviour… towards People AND dogs!

Kian, was neutered at 11 months and he started to show signs of aggression at the age of 22 months, now he is 27 months old and we still deal with his aggression towards other male's from time to time.
We literally had to start his training over. Showing him that WE ARE ALPHA.
He is such a stubborn boy that some days he does push his limits with us, we just have to stay on top of him and call him in if we see a possible problem with another dog.
I personally stay out of dog parks now, it's not worth it for my dog to get in a fight. He will pick the wrong dog and probably get hurt very badly.

He has been tested for thyroid and his levels are fine, so it's just something we have to work on with him.

He is an intense dog and when he gets in that "zone" he needs to learn to cool it off when he plays with other dogs. It's still something we are working on and I hope that he gets it sooner than later.

Good luck.

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