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Re: Very Aggressive Behaviour… towards People AND dogs!

Wow, this sounds like a scary situation to be in.

" Thyroid problems in dogs impact the metabolism of most cells in the body. Conditions include hypothyroidism, which is the production of too little hormone and hyperthyroidism, which is over production of hormones. "

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism in dogs includes:
-Weight loss
-Increased appetite
-Increased heart rate

There are several symptoms to look for if you suspect your dog is suffering from canine hypothyroidism:
Weight Gain with no increase in eating
-Slow heart rate
-Ear Inflammation
-Lack of Mental Alertness
-Thin Hair
-Dull Coat
-Hair loss on head and limbs
-Hair loss (alopecia) around base of tail
-Cold Intolerance
-Exercise intolerant
-Thick scales on the skin (hyperkeratosis)
-Dark spots on the skin (hyperpigmentation)
-High cholesterol

Not sure where the aggression fits here.
Thyroid problems seem to translate into tumors if not now, later in life.

About 10 years ago had a GS puppy and when he turned 15 months old was flying, ready to fight at a drop of a hat. Turns out he did not have proper leadership.
Every time my cousin visited the dog behaved very well. Not sure what he was doing to him but it was not treats training.
We gave him the dog and he gave us :-\

Please keep us posted.

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