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Very Aggressive Behaviour… towards People AND dogs!

We have a 17 mth old, Coda, who about 5 months ago began showing very aggressive behaviour towards dogs.. at first. It is now gotten much worse and can be directed towards people (men women and children) and dogs. Just depends if he feels like he wants to attack them or not. He is such a loveable dog and is a great listener. We have done obedience classes and socialized him extremely well.
We have discussed this with the breeder… no evidence of this aggression of any sort in his family line.
We are doing intensive correction and praise and doing all that specialist tell us to. The next step is to get his thyroid checked. We were advised to do this… completely connected to some aggressiveness in dogs.

Any one dealing with this in their dogs? Those who we speak with about it have never heard another Vizsla going through this extensive aggression. Someone Please help with any ideas! Thanks
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